Pricing & Fees

Com2sell charges Sellers a fee (also referred to as “Commission”) for sales originating and/or completed as a result of Com2sell’s Services. Com2sell’s standard fees and any changes will be posted to our Price List and will be binding on the effective date noted there.

Once Buyer and Seller have entered into an agreement for the purchase and sale of a Domain, should the payment and transfer of the respective Domain fail for reasons unrelated to a breach by Com2sell of the Domain Transfer Agreement, Com2sell reserves the right to collect any applicable Commission fee for the sale from that party who has violated his/her obligation to cooperate in the completion of the transaction, including Buyers who would not otherwise be subject to such fee. Furthermore, claims for damage compensation or contractual performance may be asserted by the non-breaching party against that party which violates his/her obligations under these terms or the terms of the applicable Purchase Agreement.

Com2sell reserves the right to charge Users a Marketplace Handling Fee, equal to two times (2x) the minimum commission fee for the respective Domain listing, for those instances where User has acted with the apparent intent to harm. Intent to harm includes, but is not limited to, (i) obtaining an advantage, such as avoiding payment of Com2sell’s Commission fees; (ii) submitting an erroneous offer or an offer with fraudulent intent; (iii) raising the Reserve Price after an Auction Period has started and/or (iv) preventing the completion of a purchase and sale of a Domain.