Offensive Domain Policy

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Offensive Material

Application of guidelines that have the potential of restricting free speech require careful judgment and consideration of a domain’s potential for substantial social, artistic or political value. Domain names that, in com2sell’s sole discretion, promote or praise hatred, violence, child pornography, racial or religious intolerance may not be listed for sale  with com2sell and will be removed once discovered by, or reported to com2sell without warning or notice to the domain owner. Users who continually attempt to list for sale domains in violation of this policy risk suspension or cancellation of their com2sell accounts. In addition, domains that promote organizations that endorse and/or encourage hatred, violence, child pornography, racial or religious intolerance may not be listed for sale with com2sell.

Featured Listings

The Offensive Domain Policy is aggressively applied in relation to com2sell’s domain showcase service. Orders for domain showcases involving domains that violate this policy will not be processed and the sales price will be refunded. As a member of the global community with sites servicing many different countries, domain showcase orders will be reviewed in accordance with the community standards of the country where the listing will appear.

Reporting Violations

Despite com2sell’s best efforts, it is impossible for com2sellto monitor and verify the millions of domains that are bought and sold with com2sell every year. For this reason, we seek the help of our global community to report any domains you feel may run afoul of this policy. If you would like to report a domain that violates com2sell’s Offensive Domain Policy you can submit an email through our contact page.  Please include the domain in question and the date, time and location where you noticed the domain. com2sell will act expeditiously to review and remove and/or block, if necessary, all domains that violate this policy.