Stolen Domain Policy

Along with protecting intellectual property rights, con2sell is committed to protecting domain ownership rights, whether those of our users, third parties, or our own. Because we are in the business of buying, selling, and auctioning domains, valid domain ownership is a crucial part of our business. Respecting such ownership is necessary and we will not tolerate actions of domain theft and/or hijacking. con2sell created the Stolen Domain Procedure so domain owners could easily report activity that causes an interruption in their ownership rights. Please use the links below to learn more about con2sell ’s efforts to protect domain ownership rights.

What is Domain Hijacking?

Domain hijacking is an aggressive form of domain theft whereby a hijacker uses fraud or another form of improper means to change the registration information of an unexpired domain with the purpose of illegally taking control over the domain from its legitimate owner.

Reporting a Stolen Domain

If you feel that one of the domains parked or listed for sale with com2sell has been hijacked from you, please comply with the following complaint procedure. In order to process your claim, please email in PDF format

  • When you originally registered the domain;
  • When you last registered or renewed the domain;
  • When you last had the domain under your control;
  • When you found out it had been stolen from you;
  • Whether or not you know or can name the person who is now in control of the domain;
  • The statement: “I have a good faith belief that the domain in question has been unlawfully removed from my control and the current registrant obtained the domain through fraudulent means.”
  • The statement: “I have either initiated a legal action with my local police or a currently unresolved complaint with the domain’s registrar to recover the domain.”
  • Once com2sell has received your complaint, an investigation will commence and you will be informed of the outcome within five business days.